As a mom of twins in second grade, I am passionate about supporting our schools and the amazing educators who work tirelessly to foster the growth of our kids. We must invest in our children and neighborhood schools by providing timely, adequate and equitable funding for public education. Funding levels over the last several years aren’t keeping up with the cost of inflation, requiring school districts to make drastic cuts, increase class sizes, or raise property taxes to make ends meet. Public education has been systematically underfunded and we must get back to the basics by prioritizing the single most important investment we can make for the future of our state. I will work to ensure K-12 funding is a priority in the House again so that all our kids have equal access to opportunity.

We also need to ensure that community colleges, like DMACC based here in Ankeny, have the resources they need to graduate even more students with the skills needed in our ever-changing workforce.